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Welcome to our new line of magnetos which fit all Triumph, BSA and Norton twins with points in the timing cover.

Step1) Remove the stock points cover plate which houses the ignition (pick-up or) points. Remove the points plate and cam with the ignition wires that run out through the engine case. Either a 1/4 x 26 or a 1/4 x 28 threaded bolt will be required for your year engine. Make sure the ARD center allen bolt is the same thread as your engine, and can be screwed in with your fingers. Check this out before attempting to install your new ARD magneto. ( On Triumph twins, the stock timing pin must be removed from exhaust camshaft before attempting to install the ARD magneto rotor. Use a dremel grinder to grind off.)

Step 2) Remove and discard the battery ignition coils. Do not attempt to re-use the standard coils with your ARD CDI magneto. Replace your old coils with the ARD coil and black box provided.

Step 3) The yellow wire is ONLY for stopping the engine (by grounding it to the frame with a kill button, which is not supplied in this kit). DO NOT connect this yellow wire to any switch with a battery connection, as this will result in damage to the CDI box!

Step 4) ARD magneto ignition timing is done using the stock drive taper. Before installing the whole magneto, bolt only the magneto rotor to the engine,. Check the rotor for run-out, by turning the engine over. If this checks out, loosen the center bolt and pull off the rotor (using the puller provided) so that the rotor can turn freely (for setting the timing with the 1/16" pin that is provided).

Step 5) Rotate your engine’s crankshaft into position for the correct firing and install the ARD magneto rotor and housing (over rotor) and bolt down the housing, having first installed the 1/16" pin through the hole in the housing and into the magneto rotor. This locates the rotor for correct engine timing. Do not install the plug onto the wires until after the magneto is installed on the engine, as the plug will not go through the hole for the wires. On Triumphs, choose the housing screw holes that make the wires line up with the exit hole. If necessary, grind the inside of the housing on the engine for clearance (not the mag). Tighten the center allen bolt. Your engine should now be in time.

Step 6) After tightening the center bolt, remove the 1/16" timing pin. Double check everything according to these instructions, to verify correct ignition timing.

Never try to turn the crankshaft with the 1/16" timing pin stuck in the rotor! Remove the timing pin and save for re-timing. Replace the small cover over the bearing and the job is nearly done!

Step 7) Connect the wires from the black box to the secondary ignition coil, with the red wire and the black wire each going to either connection on the coil. The unit is self grounded. Install the four prong plug on wires from the magneto and plug into its mate on the black box. Either plug wire goes to either cylinder. Use high grade ignition wires with real wire conductors such as Packard type 440 or better and non-resistor caps.

Timing should be set to same (fully advanced) timing specs as original ignition. If unsure how to do this, please phone British Cycle Supply with your full engine serial number and our tech help department will be happy to do their best to assist.

Remember, magnetos are totally independent, self generating ignition systems - NEVER hook a wire from a magneto to any part of the rest of the wiring of a motorcycle. If installing an electronic tachometer, contact BCS with details.

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