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BCS PART #334-04
(updated 10/29/05)
Welcome to the new line of pre-unit magnetos which will fit BSA, Triumph, Norton, AJS and about all other three bolt flange type mounting for British motorcycles.

Step1) REMOVAL: Remove the old unit from engine case by removing the three nuts on your old flange type magneto.

Step 2)INSTALLATION: Place your new ARD magneto in place with a new gasket, and the 7/16 hex nuts which are provided.

Step 3) TIMING: Timing is done with the taper using your old drive which came with your old engine. The taper hub should not be tightened until the red timing marks are lined up together, and the engine crankshaft is in the correct firing position.

Fine Timing can be done by loosening the two black screws. Turning left or right using one degree adjustment marks on top of the magneto. Then retighten screws.

Timing should be set to same (fully advanced) timing specs as original ignition. If unsure how to do this, please phone British Cycle Supply with your full engine serial number and our tech help department will be happy to do their best to assist.

These magnetos have built in electronic automatic advance. Due to this you must NOT use an ATD (automatic timing device) gear or sprocket, unless it is locked by welding or pinning, to fix the advance in position. BCS can offer fixed advance gears as used on manual advance magnetos in most cases, if required.

Step 4) WIRING:  The "black box," which is wrapped in rubber can be zip-tied to any part of the frame. The coil will have to be securely mounted to the bike, and is self grounded.

Connect the wires from the black box to the ignition coil: On ignition coils with male spades, red wire and black wire from "black box" can go to either spade, as these coils have no polarity. (If kit has coil with a white wire and a black wire, the red wire from the "black box" should go to the white wire on the coil, and the black wire on the black box should go to the black wire on the coil.)

Either sparkplug wire goes to either cylinder. If coil is not supplied with them, use only high grade ignition wires with real wire conductors such as Packard 440 type or better, and non resister caps, all available through BCS.

Install the four prong plug on wires from the magneto and plug into its mate on the black box. Note: The yellow wire is ONLY for stopping the engine (by grounding it to the frame with a kill button, which is not supplied in this kit, but available separately if required.) DO NOT connect this yellow wire to any switch with a battery connection, as this will result in damage to the CDI box!

Remember, magnetos are totally independent, self generating ignition systems - NEVER hook a wire from a magneto to any part of the rest of the wiring of a motorcycle. If installing an electronic tachometer, contact BCS with details.

Please call if you need any further information. 

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