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To put your bike back into service after extended storage:

*Clean fuel system (tank, lines, all filter screens, taps and carb banjos).

*Clean points and plugs with contact cleaner.

*Lube all grease fittings, advance unit, and chain, and cables.

*Change oil in engine, oiltank, forks, gearbox, primary chaincase. It is a good idea to unscrew and clean the sump filter and the oiltank filters, and then pour a half cup of engine oil in the rocker caps to drip down and lube tappets, cams and prime oilpump.

*Unscrew oil pressure light switch fitting, and force oil under pressure into the hole to prime crankshaft shell bearings.

*Kick over with plugs out until oil begins circulating.

*Check and adjust primary and rear chain tension, valve clearance, points gap and timing. It is not a bad idea to retorque head and cylinder first.

*Check tyre pressure.

*Replace battery, and fully bench charge new one before use.

*Strobe check timing, adjust carbs and cables, and test run during daylight hours, then check over for loose hardware.

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