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To run Lucas Rita kits on negative ground systems:

a) Instead of having black wire coming from AB11 amplifier connected to a 12V negative power feed wire as in RITA diagram, this black wire should be grounded.

b) Instead of coil positive terminal being connected to ground as in RITA diagram, this positive coil terminal should connect to 12V positive power feed from switch.

c) All other connections in diagram remain the same.

(For 1979-87 Triumph twins with factory electronic ignition, the above duplicates original wiring.)

 If converting motorcycle to negative ground, please ensure the correct rectifier and diode, or power control module (rectifier/regulator unit) are being used, and they are properly installed. Also, ensure, of course, that battery is properly installed with negative terminal grounded and fused. If in doubt, please call BCS.

MSA 04/26/04