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Boyer Warranty Policy

As importers and distributors for Boyer products for British motorcycles, we offer an in-house warranty service to assist our customers with faster service than would be encountered sending non-functioning units back to England. Boyer has the most liberal warranty in the business,  however there are some limitations:

A) We are unable to accept returns of complete ignition kits, only whatever component has tested faulty. It is the customer's responsibility to test the unit according to our troubleshooting instructions (which are sent with every Boyer order) before returning the failed component. Note: Testing must be done with a fully charged battery!

B) Boyer returns must be accompanied by a receipt from us. If purchased from a dealer, the dealer must return the component to us with their invoice copy. Customers cannot return items directly to us if bought from a dealer; the dealer must return them.

C) Boyers with visible damage, such signs of melting, are not accepted for warranty as this is caused by a failed or incorrect coil, by excessive system voltage or by reversed polarity. Only exception to this is if we sold the coil that failed, and this is returned with the Boyer amplifier.

D) Boyer amplifiers are warrantied for a period of five years from date of manufacture, pickup plates and Power Boxes for two years from date of manufacture, against component failure not due to one of the causes above. Physical damage such as cracking of pickup plates, etc., is not covered, but we do sell individual components if required.

E) Boyers must have a label on the amplifier, and it must be the current foil label with a Boyer part number. Boyer-Bransden considers any amplifiers with the older labels now out of warranty, and any amplifiers or Power Boxes with label removed are not covered by warranty.

(enlarged scan of the current label for reference)
Warranty code is in the format year – month – day. That’s the date of manufacture for their five year warranty.

F) Before honouring any warranty, we will ourselves retest all amplifiers for ability to spark when pickup wires are touched, and all pickups for correct resistance, both in Canada and the USA. If they test OK, they are returned to customer, unless the customer insists we return to Boyer for their assessment, and understands if he buys a replacement from us, that they will get their component back for a spare, not a parts credit when and if Boyer says the unit is OK or replaces it. Only exception is if customer says amp sparks fine, but does not advance correctly when checked with a strobe. Customers must allow sufficient time for us to retest returns before swapping a unit. If a customer cannot wait and wants a replacement item right away, they can then get a parts credit if their unit tests bad, or their unit back if it tests OK.

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