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Lucas Reconditioning Policy:

We are currently offering completely reconditioned and overhauled LUCAS  (and some BTH) components for a number of items that are out of manufacture, including armatures, dynamos, magnetos, magdynos.

If the non-functioning unit (core) has not been received by us at the time of order, we must add a core charge to the price of the “exchange” unit, and upon receipt of an acceptable core later on, along with a copy of the invoice or packing slip with the core charge on it, we will issue a credit toward future orders after examination of the core.

For your reference, we have been issued the following guidelines on cores by our rebuilders:

Please inspect all mag armatures for magnetos and magdynos for acceptability as follows:

a) OD of laminations should be 2." for all post war Lucas K1F, K2F, KVF and BTH separate mount mags, for single and twin.

b) OD of laminations for post war magdyno should be 2.175"

c) Armature should not show any signs of dismantling or any heavy grooving in brush track, or any visible damage to anything but the windings. The taper and threads must be in good condition. If in doubt, we can accept with core charge pending approval by rebuilder, which could take some time, as I bring them back personally most of the time.

It is not necessary for cores to have a slip ring attached, but the metal parts must all be in good condition, and matching. These were machined by LUCAS as an assembly after being bolted together, and mismatched parts will never work right.

Magneto cores must be complete and not have anything but expendable items damaged, or core charge cannot be credited in full.

Dynamo cores should be as above, except armatures for dynamos are replaced outright, so armature can be damaged without causing any reduction of core charge. Exchange dynos come with gear or sprocket fitted, so core should have good gear or sprocket in order to get full credit of core charge.

Rebuilders warranty against defects is limited to 6 months from purchase date. Dynamos should not have the body painted, and must be correctly polarized. Despite the fact that most people use them with complete success, the rebuilders cannot warranty field coils or armatures on 6V dynamos against overheating if used with 12V conversion regulators such at the Boyer or Podtronic, as these cause the 6V dynamos to run flat out. (For best reliability when converting to 12V, it is recommended by the rebuilder that the dynamo be converted using 12V armature, field coils, and the associated 12V regulator.)

Thanks for your business,

Mark 2004