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Catalogue Part Number Supersessions

Our catalogue is designed to be used in conjunction with the "factory" parts book for a particular year and model motorcycle. The original equipment manufacturer's part numbers can be referenced in the catalogue to show price and availability as of publication date.

Norton Part Numbers: Early Norton part numbers can appear in a variety of ways:

E3135 becomes NME3135 and supersedes to 06-7584
T2166 becomes NMT2166 and supersedes to 06-3995
25060 becomes NM25060 and supersedes to 06-7903

(please note: the early Norton numbers are found "after the dash" as -NME3135; -NMT2166; -NM25060; etc.)

BSA Part Numbers: When consulting your BSA parts book, check carefully to be sure you have written the part numbers correctly. BSA part numbers are composed of two digits, a dash, and at least four digits following. Occasionally, there will be a six digit number followed by a slash mark and one, two or three digits.

For example, BSA part numbers may be listed as:


However, some of the older BSA parts books may show the part numbers in an entirely different way. In all cases, BSA part numbers must be entered on your parts order with two digits, a dash, and at least four digits following. When you look up a BSA part number in a BSA part book, and it does not show two digits, a dash, and at least four digits, it will be necessary to convert to this form, to either enter the part number correctly on your parts order.

To convert old part numbers, fill in the missing digits with zeros.

2-525  becomes 02-0525
40-24  becomes 40-0024
67-949 becomes 67-0949

Triumph Part Numbers: In 1973 Triumph introduced a numerical part numbering system which supercedes the old alpha-numeric system, in most cases. The old alpha-numeric numbers convert as follows:

DXXXX becomes 60-XXXX
EXXXX  (4 digits) becomes 70-XXXX
EXXXXX (5 digits) becomes 71-XXXX
FXXXX  (4 digits) becomes 82-XXXX
FXXXXX (5 digits) becomes 83-XXXX

There are some exceptions. Some Triumph numbers are found "after the dash" as -WE479; -S262; -S661; etc.

-WE479 becomes 70-6869
-S262  becomes 60-4250
-S661  becomes 60-4253

If you have any problems with part numbers please contact us and we will try to be of assistance.