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Triumph Super Rotary Oil Pumps F.A.Q.

Q. Will fitting a new rotary pump produce too much pressure and blow my oil seals?.

A. No the pressure can never get higher than the blow off pressure of the relief valve.


Q. Can I fit an oil cooler along with a rotary pump?

A. Yes but the engine will run cooler with just the rotary pump fitted.


Q. Can I fit an in line oil filter with the rotary pump?.

A. Yes but it must be fitted in the return line, positioned between the engine and the tee off to the rockers.


Q. Why am I not getting much oil returning to the oil tank?

A. Check the list below :-

1. There may be an air leak on the pick up pipe in the sump.
2. Is the clearance between the pump drive shaft and the drive nut correct?
3. Is the in line oil filter (if fitted) connected in the correct place? (see above)
4. Is there a restriction in the return line, check for crushed pipes, reducers in the oil tank inlet, de-laminating oil pipes, gasket cement in the oil ways.
5. Is the oil return pipe at least 6mm bore.


Q. I now have oil leaks that I never had before, why?

A. They were there before you just had very little oil going to that part of the engine.


Q. My engine smokes now I have fitted a rotary pump, why?

A. Check the list below:

1. The oil may be circulating in the engine and not going back to the tank, check that the return line is clear and that the oil is not getting forced into the head.
2. You may have oil that you never had before in the head and it is showing up the worn valve guides.
3. Is the pick up pipe in the crankcase leaking or has it been reduced in length?
4. You may have worn cylinder bores.


Q. What engines will the pump fit?

A. All unit and pre-unit twins, 350, 500, 650 and 750cc. The pump will not fit electric start 750 engines.


Q. What pressure will the pump produce?

A. The pressure depends on the blow off pressure of the relief valve, it should be between 60 and 70 P.S.I.


Q. Why is my oil pressure way above 70 P.S.I.?

A. The relief valve is faulty, it may be stuck, the piston in the relief valve may be letting oil into the back of the valve and hydrolicing it shut. If you drilled more holes in the valve check that no burrs are left in the piston bore.


Q. Do I need to modify my engine to fit the rotary pump?

A. No, in most cases the pump fits without modification to the engine, on some Daytona engines a small web on the side of the crank end feed boss has to be removed to clear the pump.


Q. What warranty do I get with a rotary pump?

A. All rotary oil pumps come with a 5 year warranty.