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Ordering Suggestions

Please remember that the best way for established North American customers to deal with us is usually by phone. We do accept faxed or e-mailed orders, and this can especially be useful for our overseas customers, but there are usually issues to be discussed on each order because of the individuality of each bike. These issues are most easily resolved by phone. We strongly suggest that you have the correct parts book for the particular motorcycle you are working on, the appropriate shop manual and download the British Cycle Supply Catalogue. New customers are asked if possible to email us their full name, address, phone, and motorcycle info so we can set them up with a BCS customer number.

When Ordering by Phone or E-mail

1) Please have your customer number. If you are a new customer we will give you one.
2) Please order by part number with description and quantity of the item you want.
3) Please have engine and frame serial numbers available.
4) Please separate any items without part numbers from the rest of the order, along with any technical questions.
5) Please read our return policy carefully to avoid misunderstandings.

TERMS: We have no open accounts at this time. Orders can be shipped COD (in Canada and the U.S.A.) or charged to VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER or DINER'S CLUB. International customers can prepay by money order, but a credit card is best. If you must use a personal cheque, please remember that it will be held by the banks for three to four weeks, causing your shipment to be delayed. We now accept PayPal at Or just click the PayPal logo below.

If you wish to pay by PayPal: Please send payment to us to cover the total cost of the parts by PayPal at along with a note. We can then enter your parts order into our system and fully process, pick, pack, weigh and measure it so we can email back how much to send in a second payment to cover shipping and insurance costs. We charge actual shipping, not a flat rate, so it cannot be calculated accurately until an order is actually placed, fully processed, picked, packed, weighed, and measured.

SHIPPING: Orders from our Canadian warehouse go by fastest mail whenever possible. Orders being shipped from our American warehouse are normally sent by UPS ground. Credit card customers can have their orders shipped Next Day Air if desired. Larger orders may have to be shipped by truck. All orders are insured against loss to the maximum amount available; but any damage in transit must be claimed against the shipping company (We will assist with this). Retain packaging and packing material if there are any shortages or if there is any damage.

How to Order Parts Most Efficiently From BCS

a) Ensure we have your full name and contact details including all phone numbers, fax, and email, as well as motorcycle  frame and engine serial numbers, so we can make sure you have a BCS Customer number for best service. If you have a BCS Customer number already, please quote it in all correspondence and phone calls to save time.

b) If you don't already have the exact correct factory partsbook for the bike being worked on, order it from us, preferably in CD form, as these not only contain the parts books but also the factory service manuals and service bulletins for virtually all years of each brand. The partsbook will give you a picture, part number, description, and quantity used, for virtually every part down to nuts, bolts, washers, and spacers, as well as show order of assembly.

c) For exact current price and availability by part numbers, just go to our website above ( and click on the red button on the home page and follow the directions, entering part numbers in the correct format, as we do not currently produce any priceguides due to their becoming obsolete immediately due to prices and availability changing constantly.

d) Call in your order any weekday with part numbers, descriptions, and quantities, and a credit card, and we will confirm price and availability on each item and get your order underway immediately by mail in Canada or overseas, or UPS in the USA. Please ensure we have full credit card details including cardholder name, billing address, and the 3 or 4 digit verification code. It is helpful to also mention major modifications to a bike such as conversion to rigid frame, etc, when placing orders and to have outer casing length when ordering cables, and bore size when ordering pistons or rings, to help avoid getting wrong sizes.

We're Here to Serve You

Of course, customers are welcome to order by mail, by fax, or email, and to pay for parts by COD, by PayPal to, by transfer to our bank account, by prepayment via moneyorder or cheque, etc and to have parts shipped by other carriers, but anything other than our suggested methods above are going to take longer to process. The same goes for orders that require used parts, or special attention such as rejetting a carb or supplying shocks with special springs or shrouds, so please allow extra time for this.

While we will bend over backwards to assist riders who have broken down while on the road by looking up part numbers for them and rushing out parts by UPS Air, we recommend that customers who do not wish to get a partsbook should consider working through a BCS Dealer rather than directly with us.

We are very happy to offer free technical and parts assistance to any customer who has the partsbook and service manual for their bike, and our BCS Worldwide catalogue is free to download from our site, but it is very hard to help people who don't think having the factory information for 40 or 50 year old motorcycles is worth the few dollars it would cost them.

Thanks for helping us help you,
Mark and the BCS Crew