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Master Cylinders Sold on Exchange

06-3667/A and 06-5741/A

06-3667/A  All Commandos except 850cc MK3
06-5741/A  850cc MK3 Commando front

For a better stopping disc brake equipped Triumph or Norton with the same appearance as stock, BCS now offers high performance master cylinders. Perfect for restorations, or just the most simple way of improving brakes when servicing a worn out, leaky, or seized brake system, these 13 millimetre master cylinders will increase brake pressure 33% and install with no modifications at all. Three styles are on hand, all of which will allow the retention of the original switchgear, unlike all other upgrades:

13mm Norton front master cylinder bodies are sold on an exchange basis at this time.

Instructions for Norton Master Cylinders 06-3667/A and 06-5741/A (pdf)

An acceptable bare Norton front master cylinder body should be sent to the nearest BCS warehouse, and a brand new looking powder coated master cylinder is shipped immediately upon receipt, with the upgraded hydraulics all installed, and ready to have the lever, cap, and rubber diaphram re-installed. Damaged bores are fine, but crash damaged mastercylinder bodies, or customers wishing a unit sent out before an exchange unit is received will be charged a core charge, creditable back upon receipt of an acceptable core. If the original body is to be modified, instead of an exchange unit sent, plenty of processing time must be allowed.

13mm Triumph type master cylinder barrel assemblies are 100% brand new parts, so no exchange is needed:

99-2770/A is sold outright and suits all Lockheed equipped Triumph front applications. (While it will also fit rear Triumph as well as Norton 850 Mk3 rear master cylinders that had the removable plastic reservoir attached, due to the greater braking power we only recommend it for front Triumph to avoid rear wheel lockup.) These are made of anodized aluminum for durability and appearance, and have stronger construction than the original while still looking stock

At the same time, BCS can help improve the original braking system even further, with Goodridge Teflon lined braided stainless brake lines to replace old rubber hoses, stainless caliper pistons that will never rust like the stock chrome ones, and Ferodo brakepads. All standard components are stocked too, of course, such as the standard rubber hoses, caliper seal kits, bleed nipples, reservoir caps, etc. For jobs where originality is not an issue, AP Racing calipers and variable ratio master cylinders, and Triumph dual disc conversions are on the shelf, as well as improved disc rotors.