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FullAuto Norton Commando Cylinder Heads

Part #06-4048 - For the Commando 750
Part #06-3830 - For the Commando 850

Now machined in the USA. Heads have thread inserts for the three head to barrel studs, which are supplied in ARP stainless steel along with three stainless 12 point nuts.

British Cycle Supply is an authorized wholesale distributor for this product. We can supply KPMI valves, spring/collar kits etc. to go with these heads, which come with 630 bronze guides fitted.

Matching alloy cylinder barrels are in final testing now.

The new castings of aluminum alloy are CNC machined to look like the stock head, but are stronger and lighter, with no porosity problems. 630 aluminum bronze guides are installed and the moldstar 90 material valve seats are designed for unleaded gas. The exhaust ports are uniquely machined for greater exit velocity, and the combustion chambers are matched, for best performance.

The castings have a virtually flawless satin finish, and all standard components will fit, or upgraded Kibblewhite valves and spring sets are available through any BCS Dealer.

750 Cylinder Head Pictured:


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