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Mounting, Eng/Gbx. Rear, Pre75, Cottered

Part Number 06-6972

To update preMK3 to more secure swingarm pivot retention. Has spot for bolt and 2 cotters.
#06-0453 genuine swingarm pivots have two extra grooves.

Genuine Andover Norton cradles were far more complicated to make than an outsider would think. As opposed to what is available elsewhere, their cradles are made to drawing and from the correct width plates. It took them quite some time to find steel plate material in the original thickness to make their cradles.

Why is this so important, you may ask. It is because the cradles and the motorcycle around them was designed in non-metric dimensions and numerous other things fit to the subframe that rely on the correct width and distance from the outer plains of the subframe. Hence they took great pains to do the job according to the original drawing and you can fit these cradles without difficulties and adjustments.

The original type for pre 1975 Commandos are 06-4060, the original subframe for all 750/850 Commandos pre-Mk3 but British Cycle Supply is instead stocking the special pre-Mk3 subframe 06-6972 with the swinging arm spindle fixed by cotters as on the Mk3 (and as on the Thruxton racebikes!). This will upgrade all pre1975 Commandos to a far superior arrangement, is a highly recommended improvement when replacing a worn or damaged cradle.