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Triumph Bonneville & TR6 Motorcycle Restoration Guide: 1956–83 by David Gaylin

Product Number 214-1832

Triumph Bonneville & TR6 Motorcycle Restoration Guide: 1956–83
The Complete Guide to Triumph's Best Bikes
Revised Edition
Softcover, 276 pages, 7.5 x 9.75 x 1 in

Hard to find for years, the book is back in print! The best Triumph Restoration Guide available! Don’t miss out, call British Cycle Supply today! Triumph’s Bonneville and its single-carbed sibling, the TR6, are two of the most revered models in all of motorcycling. Distinguished by their handsome lines and pace-setting performance, the Bonneville and Tiger ruled the streets and race tracks from their introduction in the late 1950s through Triumph’s golden age in the 1960s. Devotion to the marque remained strong even as the sun slowly set on the company’s fortunes in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The original Triumph’s demise in 1983 simply served to cement the legendary status of its long-lived top guns, the Bonneville and TR6.

Author: David Gaylin

David has one of the deepest archives of Triumph primary documents in existence. Growing up in Baltimore, Maryland and near the US Triumph motorcycle distributor, David's first bike (a 1970 Bonneville) had to be one of these British-built machines. After The Triumph Corporation closed in 1975, he was able to acquire much of their internal documents and memos along with truckloads of brochures, manuals and service bulletins. This vast archive would become the foundation for two books: Triumph Motorcycles in America, coauthored with Lindsay Brooke, and Triumph Motorcycle Restoration Guide. His feature articles have appeared in Vintage Bike and Classic Bike magazines.