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We have over 20,000 part numbers listed on our computer, most of which are found in the parts books originally issued by Triumph, BSA and Norton for the use of their dealers. We now provide a very large range of these books for your personal use. If your bike is a post World War II Triumph, BSA, or Norton we can usually help, If you provide us with the serial number of your bike we can set you up with the parts book for your specific year and model motorcycle. Some pre-World War II parts books are also available, as well as books for some other British marques.

Parts books are excellent guides to assembly when used with a workshop manual. In most cases, exploded diagrams show all the parts and the way they are fitted together.

Parts books give a part number for each part, which will enable you to order by part number. Having the number for the part you want will ensure that you don't spend needless time on the phone explaining what you need and still get the wrong part due to communication difficulties.

If you call with part numbers we can give you instant price and availability. You won't have to spend time writing letters and waiting and waiting for answers.

These books are usually seventy to ninety pages long and measure 8-l/2"x 11". Some are new-old-stock, some are newly printed in England, and some are reprinted by us if otherwise unobtainable. The books we reprint are spiral bound with a good stiff cover for easy reference.

We highly recommend that you purchase the parts book and workshop manual for the motorcycle that you are working on.

Please see the 216-series in the Price Guide for the current list of parts books for Triumph, BSA, and Norton. Parts books for other British motorcycles are also available.

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