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Valveseat cutter kit, NEWAY

Do precision three angle valve jobs in your own workshop!


The 1 degree interference angle built into these quality US made Neway cutters is the optimum for excellent sealing and long valve and seat life, and valve seat width can be precisely set. No more running to the machine shop for valve seat cutting every time you install a new set of guides, only to find out they have cut your valve seats so deeply your head is now "pocketed." The Neway cutters allow precise cuts and a minimum amount of material removal.

This basic kit with adjustable blades does virtually all commonly encountered Triumph, BSA and Norton singles, twins and triples, and many other size pilots and cutters are available for additional applications. The heavy duty molded storage box has plenty of room for expansion, and will protect your investment.

Neway cutters never need replacement or sharpening, but economically priced and easily installed replacement blades are readily available if needed after many years of use.

Contents: 622 Cutter with short hub (31 degrees and 46 degrees; 205 Cutter (60 degrees; 5/16" expandable Pilot; molded 6 cutter storage case; Accessory Kit; T-Wrench; Instruction Booklet.

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