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Fabric Wrapped Wiring Harnesses

345 Series

These fabric wrapped wiring harnesses for Triumph, BSA and Norton motorcycles are the best!
The colour coding is as original, the connectors are correct for the application, the wires are the correct length and they look great!

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Example below is of 345-1009/A - 71-74 Norton main. See also example X75 Hurricane main and headlight harnesses here.
We have harnesses for most makes and models!

We carry a wide product line for all your spark plug and wiring needs:

336 Series - Champion Spark Plugs
345-Series - Champion Spark Plug Caps
345-Series - Spark Plug Wire and Cap Kits
345-05     - Spark Plug Wire, 100ft Length

345-Series - Lucas Colour Coded Wire
345-Series - Fabric Wrapped Wiring Harnesses [This Page]