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BCS Part #392-989/A 
12V Halogen Pilot Bulb, Bayonet Type
Please see our
392-446/A halogen headlight bulb and our standard light bulbs.

For places that have "lights on" laws, or simply for those who wish to have "daytime running lights" on their classic British bike, this 20 Watt "pilot bulb" will fit all 12V bikes fitted with light units that have the extra hole for a small bulbholder in the back of the reflector.

Unlike the original 5 Watt bayonet type bulbs supplied as original equipment, these 20 Watt Halogen units give real illumination to allow visibility by other road users, allowing the "pilot" switch position to be used rather than the headlight position during the day to avoid running down batteries during stop and go driving, while still meeting "lights on" legislation.

If it is left on with the headlight, the 20 extra Watts illumination is helpful for safer night driving, and as an added bonus, in case of headlight bulb burnout at night, this bulb will act as a backup for a safe return home at reduced speeds.

Available singly, or in packs of ten from BCS.

It is recommended with all bulbs, but particularly with Halogen type, that if touching the glass cannot be avoided, it is carefully cleaned before use with a clean cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol, to avoid premature failure.

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