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Alpha Big End Bearings


Alpha is the world's foremost manufacturer of crankpin bearing assemblies for single cylinder British bikes made with one piece connecting rods and built up cranks. Alpha crankpin assemblies will replace original roller bearing assemblies, or upgrade plain bearing Royal Enfields and Tiger Cubs to roller style.

An Alpha "drop in" roller bearing conversion for unit BSA singles that were originally equipped with RH bushings is also stocked by BCS under part number 40-0391/A

Alpha big end bearings are factory dipped in oil, then in a plastic sealing coat, to eliminate corrosion and possible damage during storage and shipping. Buying a matched, fresh, complete Alpha assembly is better than searching the world for individual shop-soiled New Old Stock race, crankpin, cage and rollers, usually paying more and getting less.

Alpha Bearings currently stocked by BCS are listed here, but models and applications not listed here are also available from us upon request, as Authorized Alpha Importers and Distributors:

423-AMC6    crankpin assy, AJS/MATCHLESS single      EA
423-B14     crankpin assy, Preunit 1 cyl, exc.GS     EA
423-B14/GS  crankpin assy, Goldstar                  EA
423-B24     crankpin assy, 1961-63 C15, 1962-63 B40  EA
423-B25     crankpin assy, 1964on C15, 65on B40      EA
423-B26     crankpin assy, BSA VICTOR                ST
423-B26/S   crankpin assy, BSA VICTOR, Heavy Duty    EA
423-B28     crankpin assy, BSA B50, steel caged      EA
423-N3      crankpin assy, NORTON, exc. OHC          ST
423-RE13    crankpin assy, ROYAL ENFIELD             ST
423-T11     crankpin assy, CUB, 1964ON, T11S         ST
423-T7      crankpin assy, CUB/TERRIER, PRE56        ST
423-T8      crankpin assy, CUB, 1956-61 T8S          ST
423-T9      crankpin assy, CUB, 1962-63              ST

Carrillo heavy duty connecting rods are the ideal upgrade to the stock rods, and the perfect time to install them is when replacing the crankpin bearing. Contact BCS with the part # for the stock conrod for current availability and price of the Carrillo rod, and forget about breaking a rod, ever!