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544-13 Weld-On Hardtail Section

Oil-Frame Twins With Drum Brake


Example of a hardtail on oil frame.

Example of a 544-13 on a Tiger 650. Click here for more photos of this bike.

544-13/A Weld-On Hardtail Section

Oil-Frame Twins With Disk Brake

Installation Instructions for BCS Weld-On Hardtail Sections

For Oil-In-Frame Triumph and BSA Twins.

Drain the oil and remove the oil cap.
Cut off the rear section of the frame; leave the swingarm in place.

Please the hardtail section in position using the swingarm as a guide. Align the inside of the the rear hardtail plates with the inside of the swingarm. (It may be necessary to trim off part of the extreme rear section of the swingarm.) Place a length of round stock in the axle slot of the hardtail. Do the same to the swingarm. Align the two rods by shifting the bottom of the hardtail from side to side until both rods are exactly level. The hardtail is now ready to be welded.

Be careful not to burn through the frame (oiltank) when welding.
A gusset can be fabricated and placed at the top of the hardtail after the top tubes are welded in place.
The hardtail uses the stock adjuster set up. The rear of the section may need to be flattened a bit to allow proper alignment of the adjuster.