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544-Series Custom Frames
We Can Do Special Orders!

Unit 650/750 Triumph Twin, and unit 500/650 BSA are the only frame types currently available, but please request to be advised as others are tooled up for.

Special order frames are currently available as variations of our standard custom frames only, and the specification changes, specified by the customer and agreed upon by our manufacturer are at the risk of the purchaser. All special order frame sales are final, as they are made specifically to order.

Please bear in mind that all tail sections and frames we sell for British bikes are manufactured with some offset to reflect the run of the rear chain, and thus are not intended to be symmetric. In addition, due to slight warpage caused by cooling after manufacture, long storage, and shipping, it is not unheard of for frames or tail sections to require some slight alignment during assembly of the motorcycle. As all of these items are made of mild steel which is quite malleable, this should not be much trouble to affect, and does not indicate a faulty frame or tail section, just normal manufacturing tolerances for this type of product.

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