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Triumph 650/750 Unit Twin Rigid Frame

Part Number 544-705

Single down tube type.
Supplied with 83-0035/D 1” weld-on sidestand lug (not welded on).
The two crossover bars are only spot welded so the customer can put on different fenders, change seats and personalize as appropriate; and also make chain rubbing unnecessary.

Uses 1970 style front motor mounts, #83-1356
Uses pre oil-in-frame rear motor mounts, #82-5908/6066 and the custom variations.

Comes with standard HD neck intended to use the chrome HD removable steering head bearing adaptors which receive Timken bearing cups and cones. Everything for HD but 45 and early Sportster forks will drop right on.

Harley Davidson part #s for taper bearings to run our BCS frames with HD necks with forks from ALL 1948 UP FL, 1971 UP FX, 1982 UP ALL XL are as follows:

2) HD 48315-48   - Cup, With Races Installed (HD 48311-60 alternative)
2) HD 48300-60   - Cones as used on 1948-85 FX & FL, 1981-85 XL
1) HD 48361-80   - Dustcover, Top
1) HD 48365-48/A - Dustcover, Bottom

Also available, Harley type taper bearing set with cups, #423-04, designed for use with these frame.

Customer Praise:

Astounded doesn't really describe how surprised and pleased I was today when a delivery truck arrived and there was my frame in the back. I thought it'd be nice, but is was better than that... Didn't expect so many brackets to already be in place... and the kick stand addon is a work of art in itself!

So all I can say is thank you very much and I will be back for one of your neat oil tanks and likely a gas tank too... there's going to be other parts I'll need too and I'll always check your catalogue of parts first.

My project has now got off to a flying start! Woohoo!

Nick in the UK