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Drive Chains & Links

552 Series

Now, an economical alternative to the expensive Genuine Renolds chain we sell: Classic rear chain! This is a good quality import chain with narrow sideplates to eliminate the clearance problems on British bikes commonly found with most non original equipment rear chains.

Why listen to the sound of a too wide chain making expensive noises as it rattles against your chainguard, gearbox case, or inner primary?

Classic rear chain, in the standard 5/8x3/8 size (#530) commonly used on most British bikes is stocked by BCS in 107 link size to handle all swingarm bikes, and 130 link size to handle all hardtail and plunger frames. All come with a clip type master link included, but we recommend buying a spare when a new chain is purchased and attaching it to your keyring for emergency purposes.

"Cranked links" are also in stock if an odd number of links are required with the longer chain for a good fit. In case it is necessary to shorten these chains to the length required, British Cycle Supply Company also stocks chain breakers, which are a handy tool for any workshop.

All our Renold primary chains are split roller

Part numbers are as follows:

552-530/107/ER   CHAIN, REAR, 5/8X3/8, CLASSIC, 107 LINK
552-530/130/ER   CHAIN, REAR, 5/8X3/8, CLASSIC, 130 LINK
221-02           TOOL, CHAIN BREAKER



552-110037        chain, per link                             EA
552-110037/42     chain, Norton ignition                      EA
552-110037/44     chain, mag, Matchless G80                   EA
552-110037/48     chain, Norton magdyno                       EA
552-110037107     conlink, chain, rivet type                  EA
552-11003726      conlink, magneto chain                      EA
552-110038        chain, single, 3/8x.225", per link          EA
552-110038/38     chain, Norton camshaft                      EA
552-110038/50     chain, Bantam primary                       EA
552-110038/62     chain, T15/20 primary                       EA
552-110038107     conlink, camchain, rivet type               EA
552-11003826      conlink, Norton camchain                    EA
552-110044        chain, single, 1/2x3/16", per link          EA
552-110044/124    chain, rear, 1/2x3/16                       EA
552-11004426      conlink, 1/2x3/16 chain                     EA
552-110046        chain, 1/2x5/16, per link                   EA
552-110046/107    chain, rear 1/2x5/16, RENOLDS               EA
552-110046/121    chain, rear 1/2x5/16                        EA
552-110046/80     chain, 1/2x5/16, primary                    EA
552-110046/83     chain, 1/2x5/16, primary                    EA
552-110046107     conlink, 1/2x5/16 chain, rivet type         EA
552-11004626      conlink, 1/2x5/16 chain                     EA
552-11004630      offset link, 1/2x5/16 chain                 EA
552-110054        chain, rear, 5/8x1/4, per link              EA
552-110054/110    chain, rear, 5/8x1/4                        EA
552-110054107     conlink, 5/8x1/4 rivet                      EA
552-11005426      conlink, 5/8x1/4 chain                      EA
552-11005430      offset link, 5/8x1/4 chain                  EA
552-110056        chain, rear, 5/8x3/8, per link              EA
552-110056/107    chain, rear, 5/8x3/8                        EA
552-110056/110    chain, rear, 5/8x3/8                        EA
552-110056/128    chain, rear, 5/8x3/8                        EA
552-110056107     conlink, 5/8x3/8 rivet                      EA
552-11005626      conlink, 5/8x3/8 chain                      EA
552-11005630      offset link, 5/8x3/8 chain                  EA
552-110500        chain, per link                             EA
552-110500/52     chain, BSA A7/A10 dynamo                    EA
552-11050026      masterlink, dynamo chain                    EA
552-114038/62     chain, duplex, Triumph Cub                  EA
552-114038/70     chain, duplex, 250Tri BSA1cy                EA
552-114038/70/ER  chain, duplex, econo repl.                  EA
552-114038/72     chain, duplex, BSA B44 & B50                EA
552-114038/72/ER  chain, duplex, econo repl.                  EA
552-114038/78     chain, duplex, Tri.350/500                  EA
552-114038/78/ER  chain, duplex, econo repl.                  EA
552-114038/80     chain, duplex, A10 plunger pri.             EA
552-114038/84     chain, duplex, Tri.Unit 650                 EA
552-114038/84/ER  chain, duplex, econo repl.                  EA
552-114038/88     chain, duplex, primary                      EA
552-114038/94     chain, duplex, primary                      EA
552-11403826      conlink, duplex chain                       EA
552-114513/70     chain, duplex, T160 primary                 EA
552-116038/80     chain, triplex, BSA A50 & A65               EA
552-116038/80/ER  chain, triplex, econo repl.                 EA
552-116038/82     chain, triplex, TriBSA 3cyl                 EA
552-116038/82/ER  chain, triplex, econo repl.                 EA
552-116038/84     chain, triplex, Tri.750twin                 EA
552-116038/84/ER  chain, triplex, econo repl.                 EA
552-116038/92     chain, triplex, NorCommando                 EA
552-116038/92/ER  chain, triplex, econo.repl.                 EA
552-11603826      conlink, triplex chain                      EA
552-119058/110    chain, rear, 5/8x1/4 GP                     EA
552-11905826      conlink, 5/8x1/4 GP chain                   EA
552-11905830      offset link, 5/8x1/4 GP                     EA
552-119059/110    chain,rear, 5/8x3/8 GP                      EA
552-119059/111    chain,rear, 5/8x3/8 GP                      EA
552-119059/128    chain,rear, 5/8x3/8 GP                      EA
552-11905926      conlink, 5/8x3/8 GP chain                   EA
552-11905930      offset link, 5/8x3/8 GP                     EA
552-122050/106    chain, 5/8x3/8 O ring                       EA
552-428/CL        conlink, Diamond 428 chain                  EA
552-520/PK        partskit, Diamond 520 chain                 EA
552-520/RL        rivetlink, Diamond 520 chain                EA
552-530/110/ER    chain,rear, 5/8x3/8, econo                  EA
552-530/CL        conlink, Diamond 530 chain                  EA
552-530/OL        offsetlink, Diamond 530                     EA
552-530XDL/CL     conlink, Diamond XDL chain                  EA
552-690006        chain parts kit, Renolds 110056             EA