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Alloy Caliper 1-5/8"

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2 Piece Aluminium Alloy Body, Aluminium Alloy Pistons, Hard Anodised Surface Treatment & Split Pin Pad Retainer.
Fits Right or left Hand. 
Alternate for standard Triumph cast caliper.
Bleed screw tightening torque to be 17.0Nm (12.5 lbsft).
Seal Repair Kit #558-CP4518K
Disk Pad Cotter Pin #558-K19866TP
Disk Pad # 99-2769

Technical Info:

Caliper No. 558-CP2696 Weight 900g
Piston Diameters 41.3mm x 2 Hydraulic Threads 3/8" x 24UNF
Piston Area 26.8cm² Mounting Centres 89mm
Disc Dia. 304mm Offset 19.1mm
Disc Thickness 6.4mm 'PL' Dimension 39.9mm

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