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57-3709 Standard Trident/Rocket 3 Clutch Plate

Note: Only the standard style clutch plate (above) is currently on hand.

Three Cylinder Clutch Plates


57-3709/B Norman Hyde Trident/Rocket 3 Clutch Plate

Norman Hyde produces a clutch plate for the Trident/Rocket 3 which offers significant improvement over the original part. The sintered iron plate gives more grip, is unaffected by oil and is impossible to burn out. Because it is flat it reduces clutch drag and makes adjustment easier. The better quality material used for the centre spline guarantees a longer life.

57-3709/D Racing Trident/Rocket 3 Clutch Plate
Sintered bronze for the ultimate in racing!

AP racing recommends this type of friction material for
If used in road applications it can induce judder on take up
and promote higher wear on flywheel and pressure plate faces.