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641-10 Oil Control Thermostat for Twins

641-09 Oil Control Thermostat for Triples

FOR THERMOSTATS 641-09 & 641-10

It is recommended that the oil cooler kit be fitted before the thermostat is installed.

1) Select suitable place for fitting the thermostat away from moving parts and at a place where hoses run parallel.

2) With ignition turned off (high tension lead disconnected), turn engine over on starter and note which pipe carries the oil supply from the engine. 

3) Connect hoses as shown in Fig. 1.

On some cars, especially BMC front end driven vehicles, the hoses do not run parallel for sufficient length for the thermostat to be fitted. In these cases the thermostat may be fitted diagonally as in Fig. 2.

The thermostat is set to send the oil flow through the cooler at 80 degrees Centigrade.
The "waxstat" which operates the oilstat will suffer permanent damage if temperatures exceed 140 degrees Centigrade, replacements can be supplied.

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