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Spigot Mount PWK Carbs with Rubber Adaptor

Part Numbers 696-PWK30/A & 696-PWK32

Two options available from BCS:

696-PWK30/A - 30mm Spigot Mount PWK Carb - Direct Drop On for T140E
696-PWK32 –-- 32mm Spigot Mount PWK Carb

Includes flanged adaptor 651-10/ER which will not bolt on to original manifold but requires either:

A) A corresponding alloy flanged adaptor on the head that has 2.35” bolt centers, or
B) A spigot rubber 691-2928119 to mate to a spigoted manifold on the head, or
C) A 651-32 flanged adaptor to mate directly to stock manifold.

Flange mount PWK carbs (26 and 30mm) also available.
696-PWK32 pictured below. Scroll down for 696-PWK30/A.

Above,  696-PWK32, below, 696-PWK30/A, Note that on the 30mm the spigot where the adaptor goes is a press-on piece with an indent for the adaptor.