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Gold Star "Twitter" Style Mufflers
For Stock And Custom Applications

Original Style 711-Z624 - 1-3/4" Inlet

Shown here on a 61 BSA DBD Gold Star in Clubman trim
Picture from The Gold Star Book (BSC Book #214-15)

711-Z624/B Muffler Set - 1-1/2" Inlet

(29" overall; 6" tail piece; 2" inlet pipe; 10-3/4" from inlet to center of bracket; 18-1/4" from outlet to center of bracket)
Shown here on a 1968 BSA Lightning from the December 2004 Issue (#164) of Classic Bike Guide

A cool mod for many different bikes

Shown here on a customer's 1966 Honda CB77 SuperHawk

Styles Available From British Cycle Supply

711-Z624       muffler, Goldstar "Twitter"         EA
711-Z624/A     muffler, Goldstar "Twitter", TOGA   EA
711-Z624/B     muffler set, Twitter, 1-1/2", TOGA  PR
711-Z624/B/A   muffler set, Twitter, 1-1/2"        PR
711-Z624/C     muffler set, Twitter, 1-3/4"        PR
711-Z624/D     muffler, Bullet "Twitter"           EA