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Finned Primary Covers
For all Right Hand Shift Triumph 650/750 Unit Twins

(Can replace part #'s 57-2439, 70-9245 & 71-3555)

These now have precision drilled bolt holes as well as threaded clutch inspection holes for use with 57-2166 type inspection cap. Much more rugged than the thin originals, these look great on custom Triumphs! Note: If these covers are not on hand at the time of the order, delivery time is approximately two weeks.

Note: Two of 57-2166 type plugs and two orings 70-8782/ER for the plugs required.

71-3555/A Finned Primary Cover, right hand shift, old school style "as cast" finish

71-3555/B Finned Primary Cover, right hand shift, highly polished finish

71-3555/A on a Motorcycle