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744 Series

Although at BCS we recommend mufflers for street use, these baffles will allow straight pipe users to squeak past legality in many cases. They are fitted by drilling an unobtrusive hole near the end of the exhaust pipe to correspond with the position of the bolt in the baffle.

The sizes noted are the outside diameter of the pipes these are intended to fit, but it is possible to fit them to a larger size pipe, i.e. the 1-1/2" baffles can also be fitted to the 1-5/8" OD pipes as used on some Nortons, although there will be an air gap on one side of the baffle, slightly increasing exhaust note further.

To fit 1-1/2" baffles to the 1-3/8" OD pipes used on many Triumphs, it is necessary to cut off the expanded portion of baffle, and drill a hole in the smaller OD section..

Please bear in mind that, as with any change to exhaust or intake systems, jetting will have to be checked after installation to ensure it is correct.

744-112 - 1-1/2" Baffle; 4" long
744-134 - 1-3/4" Baffle, 4" long

744-2 - 2" Baffle, 5" long