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Ferodo Triumph Brakepads

Part Number 99-2769

99-2769/C  - Ferodo Brakepads, "PLATINUM" Front and Rear, FDB342P
99-2769/F  - Ferodo Brakepads, "PLATINUM" Front and Rear, FRP213P
99-2769/E  - Ferodo Brakepads, RACING, Front and Rear, CARBON/CERAMIC CP211
99-2769/ER - Triumph Disc Brakepads, Economy Replacement

British Cycle Supply carries an excellent selection of Ferodo Made in Italy premium brakepads. Get the best for your classic ride. Low brake drag, excellent modulation and brilliant performance in both wet and dry conditions are all hallmarks of the new FERODO PLATINUM pads. We also carry Ferodo's ceramic racing variant pad, for those putting their bike under extreme conditions.

Econo pads also available. Sold as pairs.

#99-2769/F - Our first choice recommended brakepad