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Ferodo "PLATINUM" Brakepads, Front and Rear, FRP213P

Part Number 99-2769/F

FERODO's all new organic compound for high performance road use combines leading edge technology gained from Ferodo's world racing program with the demands of the modern motorcyclist.

This new formulation improves initial brake response with a high coefficient friction level that's been developed to be kind to both stainless steel and cast iron rotors. Using a unique vulcanization process, superior bonding of the friction material to a specially prepared backplate ensure consistent braking performance and longer pad life.

Additionally, the backplates are alloy coated to eliminate corrosion and piston sticking. Low brake drag, excellent modulation and brilliant performance in both wet and dry conditions are all hallmarks of the new PLATINUM pads.

Ferodo Platinum is our first recommendation. Great performance when cold, friendly power & feel.

99-2769/C & 99-2769/F are virtually identical, but the /F are probably a bit closer to exact dimensions. Both will work perfectly.

close-up of #99-2769/F braking surface