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Gastank, BSA A7/10, Swingarm models, Replacement

Part Number 548-12

Bare, centre mount, small badge recesses. Uses standard gascap, has kneepad screw holes.
Tunnel 16-1/2” long, 2-1/2” wide.


1) cap 622-02
1 pair) badges 65-8220/ER
2) badge clips 40-8020
4) screws for above 65-8317
4) nuts for above 42-8034
1 pair) kneepads 65-8205/8206
1 pair) kneepad plates (with above)
2) kneepad screws 24-7178
2) 67-8092 tap (Pre 1955, superseded by 42-8075, and we can sub 621-121 if desired)
2) 82-9204 fibre washer, tap to tank

It is highly recommended that all fuel tanks be fitted, pressure tested, and sealed before painting. We recommend #235-02 Gas Tank Sealer. This sealer is a two-part epoxy, with no solvents, and is ground shippable by mail and UPS.

WARNING: When installing these fuel tanks ALL frame, motor, carburetor, cable and bracket clearances must be checked with the fuel tank full to insure there are sufficient clearances when the motor is cold and hot. All hardware must be properly installed and tightened accordingly. Please pressure test gas tanks prior to painting. All parts must be fitted prior to painting the tank to be sure that no problems are encountered later.

Please note, although we only sell parts from reliable manufacturers, warranties are limited only to replacement of defective parts, and no labour of any type, including paint jobs or return shipping, is ever covered.