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EasyCap Capacitors

New Product Line from Brightspark Magnetos Ltd - "Demystification and Simplification"

The EasyCap is a modern surface-mount multi-layer ceramic capacitor carried by a specially-designed mounting plate in the form of a double-sided circuit board. Capacitors are the commonest cause of 'internal' magneto failure. Despite their modest cost, replacing them requires time and a certain amount of skill. Often, it will only be undertaken in the context of a full overhaul and rewind of the coils.

Because capacitors fail more often than HT windings, the objective with the EasyCap has been to separate capacitor replacement and maintenance from the 'full works' rebuild/rewind, while at the same time empowering the magneto owner to tackle the work required for the initial fitment of one of our EasyCap products.

Brightspark Easycap capacitors fit at the 'easy end' of the magneto (where the contact breaker sits), rather than being buried in the armature. They are available for an expanding range of common magnetos and magdynos. They take a few minutes maximum to fit or remove. Replacement becomes what it ought to be, an inexpensive routine maintenance task for the good of the overall health of the ignition system - just as as it is on vehicles with distributor and coil ignition.

Initial fitment does, however, involve disabling or removing the old condenser/capacitor that is in the instrument already. This is a delicate but not particularly difficult task, and installation instructions are explained in very great detail.

EasyCaps available from British Cycle Supply

Currently, BCS is supplying EasyCaps to fit many models of Lucas and BTH rotating-coil magnetos and magdynos, as fitted to innumerable Triumph, BSA, AJS, Matchless, Norton, Ariel, Velocette and Vincent machines in the UK. For the Lucas ring-cam instruments, the version of EasyCap required depends on whether it has the earlier brass contact-breaker back-plate or the later steel back-plate. For Lucas instruments with a brass contact-breaker back-plate, the version of EasyCap required also depends on which way the armature rotates.

Determine The Right EasyCap for You

EasyCap 391-C01 - For brass backplate Lucas K series anti-clockwise drive from drive-end
EasyCap 391-C02 - For brass backplate Lucas K series clockwise drive from drive-end
EasyCap 391-C04 - For steel backplate Lucas K series, either direction
EasyCap 391-C03 - For magdynamo M01, magneto N1 and similar face-cam Lucas units
EasyCap 394-C05 - For BTH twin and single cylinder magnetos, either direction

Magneto/Magdyno Contact Breaker EasyCap     Fitting
K1F, K2F, KVF, MN2
(ring cam)
Brass - anticlockwise (as viewed at the drive end)
Lucas part No. 470534
391-C01 Fitted between the fixed-point mounting-block and the back-plate in place of the original insulator plate(s)
Brass - clockwise (as viewed at the drive end)
Lucas part No. 470533 or 470542
Steel - either direction
Lucas part No. 492854 or 493836
391-C04 Fitted under the screw head and steel washer as shown in place of the original insulating washer
MO1, N1, KN1
(face cam)
Lucas part No. 460051
Either direction
391-C03 Fitted between the moving-point mounting-block and the back-plate in place of the original insulator plate(s)
KC1, KC2, KD1, KD2
(ring cam)
Brass - either direction
BTH part No. CX1883-G24 etc,
394-C05 Fitted between the fixed-point mounting-block and the back-plate in place of the original insulator plate(s)


>> Fits next to the points, not buried in the armature.
>> Easily replaceable routine service item.
>> Affordable.
>> Enables quick and easy magneto testing by substitution to identify or eliminate the capacitor as the cause of problems.
>> Can save unnecessary and expensive full overhauls/rebuilds.


CLICK HERE for the entire install booklet in PDF format. Following their goal of "demystification and simplification", Brightspark Magnetos Ltd. has provided a TON of useful information on the install of their EaspCaps, and has created an in-depth step-by-step procedure; "The Condensectomy" as they call it.

>> K-series conversion schematic
>> MO1 conversion schematic
>> BTH conversion schematic