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Kibblewhite Performance Valves and Guides

452 & 453 Series

We stock Kibblewhite Precision Machine Black Diamond valves and valve guides. Oversize guides and valves are available. Also in stock are Made in England valves. Some UK made cast guides are also available.

Find the Right Valves and Guides Using Our Guide [400kb PDF]

Kibblewhite Precision Machining Inc. has been designing, manufacturing, testing, and providing the performance community with the fastest and finest valvetrain components for 70 years. Using state of the art design, simulation, manufacturing and testing equipment, KPMI continually provides what no other company can when it comes to valvetrain.

KPMI Black Diamond Valves - 453 Series

KPMI Black Diamond one pieced forged stainless steel valves are impregnated by a special German process to improve wear properties and reduce friction. This process provides resistance to corrosion and wear that is superior to that of hard chromium and electrolysis nickel plating.

Compare #453-273, Made in UK valves and #453-24/SS the Black Diamond valves (on the right).

#453-273 - Made in UK valves


#453-24/SS - Black Diamond valves

KPMI C630 Bronze Guides - 452 Series

C630 is a blend of copper, nickel, and aluminum. The high copper content gives excellent thermal qualities, the nickel makes the guide tough and wear resistant, and the aluminum brings work hardening characteristics. This bronze alloy allows for tighter clearances than other materials, creating better valve and seat sealing, as well as superior oil control. The expansion qualities of C630 bronze make it especially compatible with aluminum cylinder heads.

#452-461 - Cast guides


#452-01/A - KPMI bronze guides