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Goodridge Braided Stainless Norton Rocker Feed Line

Part Number 06-5561/A

Totally Stainless. Stainless banjo bolts and banjos; one piece.
Also available, Goodridge Stainless Brake Hose Kits.

"The stainless rocker feed arrived Saturday morning. Beautiful item, well pleased, excellent, thanks very much."
- Martin H

"They are the best on the market compared to the others."
- Michael M


Our complete lineup of #06-5561 feed lines:

06-5561    - Norton Rocker Feed Line, Genuine Norton
06-5561/A  - Norton Rocker Feed Line, Goodridge, Braided Stainless Steel
06-5561/ER - Norton Rocker Feed Line, Economy Replacement

#06-5561 - Genuine Norton

#06-5561/ER - Econo