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The Book Of Lucas CD

Part Number 150-01

The contents of this CD are now included on our Omnibus DVD!

For those who have been attracted and captured by the dark magic of British motorcycles, this CD is a treasury containing the most arcane of knowledge ~ the darkest secrets of the Prince of Darkness himself, the awe inspiring LUCAS, together with the equally-mystifying lore of his dire lieutenants AMAL, GIRLING, and SMITHS, plus lesser deities.

If you have ever been frustrated by any of these diabolical entities, have spent abject hours in your workshop or by the roadside attempting to propitiate the Gods of British motorcycles– herein are the recipes, spells, and knowledge to tap the electrical, carburation, and suspension secrets of your British motorcycle.

Seriously now, this is a collection of Parts Lists, Workshop Manuals, specification sheets, and other useful data, all together on one CD for the first time. Such treasures as AMAL settings for almost all British bikes from 1933 to 1966, plus the later Concentrics, and Spare Parts lists for many of the models over the years. The Lucas files cover pretty much everything from 1936 to the 1970’s, with Parts Lists, Maintenance and Repair Manuals and Technical Data sheets, and there is a SMITHS Parts List too which covers all the chronometric clocks and tachometer and speedo gearboxes from the 1950’s to 1960’s. Also included is data for other proprietary parts fitted to British bikes – Renolds, Girling, Champion.

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