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214-19 Bikers of Halifax and Nova Scotia - 1920 to 1960
By Don Cunningham

Over 250 photos of bikers taken in Halifax and Nova Scotia. These photos cover the period 1920 to 1960 and show how things were in the world of motorcycles prior to electric starts and paved roads.


Whatever Happened to the British Motorcycle Industry? The Classic Inside Story of Its Rise and Fall by Bert Hopwood
The true, inside story of what caused the dramatic decline of the British motorcycle industry at a time when it had to face up to increasing competition from foreign manufacturers. Sftbd., 6 1/2"x 9", 320 pgs., 240 b&w ill.



Restoring Motorcycles - Two-Stroke Engines
By Roy Bacon
Deals with everything! The necessary tools, dismantling and inspection to refurbishment and assembly. Softbound, 128 pg, 160 b&w illus, 10-1/2"x7-3/4".

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Modern Motorcycle Mechanics by J.B. Nicholson
For those operating or restoring any of the English makes or early American motorcycles, Modern Motorcycle Mechanics is the best source for technical details, specifications and general servicing information.
7th Edition Reprint, hbdb., 760 pgs, 360 ill.



Motorcycle Electrics Without Pain by Mike Arman
Covers all aspects of a bike’s electrics. A totally non-theoretical approach to making it run again. Great reading and valuable no matter what you ride. A must for every motorcyclist who works on his own bike, as well as motorcycle shops. Sfbd., 11" x 8-1/2", 64 pgs, 53 photos, 52 diagrams.


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214-1285 Classic Motorcycling: A Guide for the 21st Century
By Rex Bunn

A different and fascinating new look at classic motorcycling with an international flavour - sure to appeal to all owners (and intending owners) of classic bikes. Classic Motorcycling is about buying, riding and maintaining classic motorcycles. It comes complete with sections on survival rates of classics and their price appreciation over recent years with future predictions, and is literally packed full of advice for both aspiring and experienced owners. From choosing the right bike, training for today’s traffic, clothing, safety, maintenance, how and where to buy those all important spares, equipping a workshop, projects to improve most classics to simply experiencing the joy of ownership – its all here in Classic Motorcycling.

July 2007
Softcover, 234 x 172 mm, 277 pages, 125 photos, charts and tables

Café Racer Phenomenon
By Alastair Walker

The Cafe Racer is one of the most enduring styles of motorcycle ever created, capturing the rebellious spirit of the 50s. From original Triton-building Rockers to modern-day Sunday riders on Thruxton 900s, there are thousands of enthusiasts across the world who aspire to own a road burner with old school class. This is a look back at the glory days of the Cafe Racer, from Friday night dices on the North Circular, through the street specials craze of the Seventies, to the modern day revival. This book includes interviews with some of the old school regulars at the Ace Cafe, and an in-depth look at the great British bike builders like Norman Hyde, Steve and Lester Harris, the Rickman brothers and Paul Dunstal, Featuring a huge, global Cafe Racer directory – listing specialist builders, spares suppliers, websites etc – alongside a unique mix of personal memories, unseen photos, iconic machines and chassis builders in profile, this book is a must for any ton-up rider.

Paperback, 96 Pages 100 color ill Size: 8.0 x 7.5 x .22


Great British Motorcycles of the Sixties 
by Bob Currie
It surveys a cross-section of outstanding motorcycles from the decade when the British industry was slipping towards near-extinction, with bikes representing the once-famous marques, from AJS to Vincent. Lavishly illustrated throughout with photographs and reprints of the original sales brochures and road tests.140 pages of fascinating history, in a book measuring approx. 8"x11", this is something that everyone with a love of these magnificent machines should own!

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Building Budget Brits: A Tale of Two Twins
by Mike Brown

This enjoyable, engagingly readable book provides a detailed roadmap for rebuilding and restoring unit-construction Triumph and BSA twins without spending a fortune. The book is organized just as you would a rebuilding project, starting with selecting a bike to work on and finishing with bringing all the pieces together to ride. It contains the practical, down-to-earth information you wish the factory manuals had, but dont. Brown passes along the tips, shortcuts, and money-saving advice he has acquired over a span of 20 years working with British motorcycles. Every aspect of refurbishing unit-construction British twins is covered: engine work, transmissions, frame repairs, shocks and forks, brakes, tanks, and those pesky Amal carbs and Lucas electrical systems. The book also helps you choose a bike to buy, including how to spot bogus serial numbers and avoid stolen goods. Whether you want to build a concours quality restoration or simply put a good-looking, reliable British bike on the road, you will find plenty of helpful information here.

Format: Softbound
Pages: 200
Length: 8.25 x 10.50


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Cafe Racers of the 1960's by Mick Walker

Subtitled: Machines, Riders and Lifestyle: A Pictorial Review. Renowned motorcycle expert Walker profiles the exciting range of nostalgic 60s cafe racers superbike specials in this easy-to-use reference. Includes chapters on Goldie, Triton, Dunstall, Rockers, Homebrew, Cottage Industry, and Foreigners. Softbound, 7 1/4" x 10 1/4", 96 pages, 114 b&w ill.


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British Classic Bike Guide : Choosing, Riding and Enjoying the Machine of Your Dreams 
by F. Westworth
Subtitled: Choosing, Riding and Enjoying the Machine of Your Dreams. This expert handbook delivers comprehensive information and essential advice on buying the best bike at the best price. From the greats like BSA, Norton and Triumph to the other minor classics, this volume recounts the history of each marque, the evolution and construction of the machine and its power plant, the pros and cons of ownership, and so much more. Hdbd., 8 1/2"x 11", 192 pgs., 300 b&w ill.



British Motorcycles Since 1900 by Paul Collins 

All of the great British manufacturers BSA, Triumph Norton, Ariel, Velocette, Vincent and more are fully chronicled in this A to Z history of each of the manufacturers that gave Britain its pre-eminence. Illustrated throughout with a superb selection of photographs that recall the glory years of British motorcycles. Hardcover, 6-3/4"x 9-1/4", 128pg



BCS Book #214-5606
Prairie Dust, Motorcycles and a Typewriter
By Greg Williams

The story of the man who wrote Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, the life and times of J.B. (Bernie) Nicholson. Prairie Dust, Motorcycles and a Typewriter takes an in-depth look at how two young brothers imported their first British motorcycle to the dusty Canadian prairies in 1932 during the height of the Depression, and how they went on to run one of the most well-known dealerships and motorcycle mail-order parts houses in North America -- Nicholson Bros. Motorcycles.

Nicholson, of Nicholson Bros. Motorcycles (est. 1933) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan was more than just a prairie motorcycle dealer. In 1942 at the age of 25 Nicholson wrote and self-published the first edition of Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, a book that sold so well, he was encouraged to write six more editions, the last in 1974. Over the years more than 100,000 copies of Modern Motorcycle Mechanics have sold worldwide -- no small feat for any Canadian author. In fact, 35 years after the last edition was published, there is still a demand for the volume from motorcyclists restoring vintage American, British and Japanese machines.

Well illustrated with black and white images from the Nicholson collection and filled with archival letters from British motorcycle heavy-hitters including Edward Turner, designer of the Triumph Speed Twin, and Bert Hopwood, designer of the B.S.A. A10, this book is a fascinating glimpse into more than just the life of a Canadian prairie motorcycle pioneer.

Softcover - 142 pages - 6" x 9" -  b/w illus. 


The British Motorcycle Directory: Over 1,100 Marques from 1888 by Roy Bacon
An A-Z of British motorcycle marques, from the famous to the obscure, with each entry giving a complete history of the manufacturer and its most important machines, with illustrations. This book is the most comprehensive directory of British motorcycle manufacturers and their respective products ever compiled. Hardcover - 288 pp - 8-1/2" x 11" - 850 b/w


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214-9584 Lost Motorcycles of the 1920s - Jack Bacon

The 1920s were an amazing decade in motorcycle development. Lost Motorcycles of the 1920s describes, in as much detail as possible, over 50 of these lesser known motorcycles, providing a wealth of information on makes from Abbotsford and Alwin to Turner, Weaver and the Xtra Car - not forgetting the many transient, but somewhat better known marques such as Blackburne, Radco and Raleigh for example. Each model and make is described in detail and accompanied by as many illustrations as possible. Lost Motorcycles also offers some fascinating and helpful insights into the many facets of motorcycling during the 1920s - the roads and garages, suspension, tyres and clothing for example - all of which helps set these motorcycles in their period and gives a real feel for what motorcycling must have been like some 80 years ago. Absolutely invaluable to restorers and historians of early British motorcycles.

Jack Bacon edited by Roger Fogg. During his life Jack Bacon assembled a vast collection of information on his great passion - 1920s motorcycles and motorcycling. Jack not only rode 1920s motorcycles throughout his life but also experienced the 1920s first hand as a motorcyclist, which gives his writing great authenticity and authority. Unfortunately Jack was not to complete his book before his death, but now, more than a decade later Roger Fogg has managed to assemble all the information into book form. Roger, like Jack, rides 1920s motorcycles himself and is a well known enthusiast and authority on these bikes.

Contents: Introduction - The British Motorcycle Industry in the 1920s - Roads and Garages - Clothing - Lighting - Belts - Forks and Dampers, Tools - Tyres - Lost Motorcycles of the 1920s (A-Z)

October 2008, Softcover, 172 x 234 mm, 288 pages, 100+ colour illustrations and photos