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Norton, The Complete Illustrated History
By Mick Woollett
Hardcover edition of 214-9847 - Please see below.

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Norton Commando: Haynes Great Bikes Series 
by Mike Duckworth
The Norton Commando is arguably Britain's most well-developed twin-cylinder motorcycle. Launched in 1967, it was an outstanding sales success, both at home and overseas, and is still a practical means of transport today, with expert service and spares supply available. Here is a detailed history and owners guide to this famous machine, including contemporary reaction to its launch, model changes, buying tips and technical specifications. Hardcover - 7-3/4" x 10-1/4" - 144 pages - 30 b/w, 80 color.


214-05 Norton Tuning
by Paul Dunstall

Paul Dunstall was undoubtedly the most successful and professional Norton tuner in the 1960s, the era between the works Dommi racers and the works Commando Production racers and later F750 racers. His book was written in the late 1960s, before Peter Williams started developing the Commando-based racers to an even higher level. Paul's basic principles, and most of what he wrote then, still applies today. Some of yesteryear's tuning lore has since been overtaken by later developments - the Superblend main bearings come to mind - but whoever wants to work on a Norton twin cylinder engine could do worse than take this book as a guideline.

Last printed officially years ago and since only available as low-quality copies. Now available in a new reprint with a 2010 foreword by Paul Dunstall.

Softcover, 32 pages, illustrated with photos throughout; 8-1/4” x 10-3/4” 


Norton Commando: Ultimate Portfolio 
by R.M. Clarke
A portfolio of contemporary reports on the Commando S, SS, Production Racer, Roadster, Fastback, Dunstall 810, Interstate, Mk.2A, John Player Special and Mk. 3. Included are road tests, new model introductions, specifications, history, technical and performance data plus an engine rebuild and buyers guide. Sftbd., 8 x 10 3/4, 208 pgs., approx. 375 b&w ill.


Norton Commando Buyer’s Guide
By Peter Henshaw

There are lots of books about the Norton Commando; about its history, performance, lineage, and the minutiae of its specification. But none of them will tell you what to look for when buying one secondhand. That’s what this book is about – it is a straightforward, practical guide to buying a used Commando. It doesn’t list all the correct color combinations for each year, or analyze the bike’s design philosophy, or consider its background as part of a troubled industry – there are excellent books listed at the end of this one that do all of that – but it will help you avoid buying a dud. Point by point, it takes the reader through everything that needs looking at when buying a Commando, plus spares prices, which is the best model to buy for your needs, and a look at auctions, restorations and paperwork.

Paperback, 64 Pages 100 color ill Size: 5.5 x 7.7 x .14


Norton: The Racing Story
by Mick Walker

2002 is the centenary year of one of the worlds greatest motorcycle marques. The first Norton was built in 1902 and almost immediately Nortons were involved in competition.

This book tells the story of the bikes that gave the company such extraordinary racing success, from pre-war achievement, through the golden years of the Manx to the success of the rotary in more recent times.

Format: Hardbound
Pages: 192
Length: 7.75w x 9.75h


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Norton Rotaries: Limited Edition Road Tests
by R.M. Clarke
The story of the Norton Rotaries is traced from its announcement in the early 80s. Included are road, comparison and prototype tests, racing and riding impressions and full performance data. All models are covered including the Classic, Commander, F1 and F1 Sport.
Format: Softbound
Pages: 136
Length: 8w x 10.75h
ISBN: 1855205750



Norton Dominator Performance Portfolio 1949-1970
By R.M. Clarke
A portfolio of contemporary reports on the Domiracer, Featherbed Twins, 750 Metisse, 7, 77, 88, 99, 650SS, 750 Atlas, Scrambler and Dunstall. Includes road and combination tests, model introductions, specifications and performance data. 42 articles are sourced from Classic Bike Guide, Cycle, Cycle World, Motor Cycle, Motor Cycling and Motor Cycling, and Motorcycle Mechanics.Format: Softbound
Pages: 136
Length: 8w x 10.75h



The Manx Norton
by Mick Walker

The most famous of all British racing motorcycles, with an ancestry dating back to the very dawn of the internal combustion engine, the cammy Norton is inseparable from the era of British domination in motorcycle racing. It is linked with the legendary heroes of the sport, Jimmie Guthrie, Harold Daniell, Geoff Duke, John Surtees, Mike Hailwood and the age when Britain had the worlds finest motorcycle industry. This revised edition of the definitive history contains additional material and traces the design, development, the leading riders and tuners. It presents a superb collection of photographs, many previously unpublished. The Manx Norton covers not only the Manx itself, but also features boardroom battles, Nortons early history, record breaking, sidecars, Formula 3 cars, scrambling (motocross); the Domiracer; racing at Daytona and todays classic scene.

Format: Softbound
Pages: 312
Length: 8.31w x 8.06h


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Norton Dominator
by Mick Walker

The Norton Dominator - often commonly referred to by its owners as the Dommie - was designed by Bert Hopwood, making its debut in late 1948. What really made it stand out were several interesting features such as widely splayed exhaust port, suitability for tuning and its future development potential. Later, when equipped with the renowned, race-developed, Featherbed frame and Featherbed telescopic forks, it became a sporting icon. Within the pages of this book are all the well-known models, including the 7, 88, 99, 650 and Atlas, plus the Jubilee, Navigator and Electra. Besides the detailed development history of the series production road-going models, there are other many interesting facets of the Dominator story, including the works Domiracer [the first pushrod-engined motorcycle to lap the Isle of Man TT Mountain circuit at 100mph]; victories in the famous Thruxton endurance races and the gruelling international Six Days Trial. Mick Walker also takes readers behind the scenes to reveal the infighting, both inside and outside the boardroom, which took place within the Norton empire over the years.

Format: Hardbound
Pages: 200
Length: 7.44w x 9.69h


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Norton, The Complete Illustrated History
By Mick Woollett
"The Untouchable Norton" is how racer Rem Fowler described his machine after winning the twin-cylinder class of the first TT in 1907. The company would use the phrase in advertising for the next 50 years. This book charts the history of one of the oldest marques in the world: both the glorious racing tradition and the production machines, from the first clip-on engines to the F1 rotary superbike. Interviews with those closely involved (including James Nortons daughter Grace, who kindly provided original documents and photographs reproduced here for the first time) make this the definitive account of a key contribution to motorcycle history. Paperback - 7-3/4" x 10-9/16" - 320 pp - 260 b/w, 2 diagrams


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Norton Commando, All Models, Monograph  
by Roy Bacon
Norton Commando, the Launch Commando, Production, 850 Commando. Road Racing and Specials, the Interpol, Specifications, 55 pgs, 8-1/2"x6", hardbound, b&w illus.


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Norton Dominator Twins, 1949 - 1970, Monograph  
by Roy Bacon
Model 7, Featherbed, More Capacity, Variations for the 1960's, Twins in Competition, Specifications, 56 pgs, 8-1/2"x6", hardbound, b&w illus.


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Norton Scrambles Motor Cycles G85CS, G80CS 
& P11
- Maintenance & Instruction Manual - 56 pgs, softbound, 7" x 8-1/2", B & W illus.

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