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Velocette Motorcycles: MSS to Thruxton 
by Rod Burris 
This is the early edition of 214-8289 as described below. 214-8289 is updated.


Velocette Flat Twins All Flat Twins From LE of 1948 - plus LEMkll, Vogue,Valiant, Vee Line and Viceroy-to LElll of 1971 by  Roy Bacon

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Velocette: The Racing Story

by Mick Walker
In 1961 a production 500cc Velocette Venom Clubman Veeline achieved a world record, twenty-four hours at a speed of 100.05mph. It was the first motorbike of any size to perform the feat, and to this date no other motorbike of comparable size has equalled or bettered its record. It was the culmination of almost fifty-five years of technological excellence from the Birmingham factory, a time that had seen the company win both the Junior and Senior TT numerous times, as well as many other races throughout Europe and the UK. Motorcycle historian Mick Walker tells the story of the various Velocette racing bikes and their riders from 1905 to the winding up of the company in 1971. Velocettes have always had a loyal following and the KTT and Thruxton especially are among the most desirable of classic bikes, especially with a racing pedigree. Riders like Stanley Wood, Neil Kelly, E.A. Mellors and Bertie Goodman all feature in the book too. Famous models such as the KTT, MAC, Venom and Thruxton are looked at in depth, while the story of Velocettes racing heritage is told in great detail in Velocette: The Racing Story.

Format: Hardbound
Pages: 224
Length: 7.44 x 9.69


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The Velocette Saga

by C.E. "Titch" Allen

Subtitled: The Story of a Great Motorcycle. The dynamic story of the Velocette firm and the designers and engineers who worked for Velocette. Above all, it is the story of the fascinating motorcycles they and a largely unrecorded workforce turned out over a period that encompassed two world wars and the 1930's depression, from the early 1900s to the closure of Velocette in 1971. Hdbd., 8 1/2"x 9 3/4", 229 pgs., 206 b&w ill.



Velocette by Ivan Rhodes
Velocette (pronounced velo-set) is an icon of the classic British motorcycle scene. Engineering excellence mattered more than the whims of the market to the Goodman family, owners of Veloce, Ltd., manufacturer of the Velocette motorcycle.
This painstakingly assembled book details the history of the machines development and competition successes, as well as the story of the family behind the marque. Run with honesty and integrity, the company gained a loyal following and a reputation for building quality machines before closing its doors in 1971, beset by the economic factors that caused the downfall of the whole of the British motorcycle industry. Paperback - 7-3/4" x 10-1/2" - 192 pages - 226 b/w


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Velocette Motorcycles: MSS to Thruxton 
by Rod Burris
The Venom Thruxton is considered the ultimate post war sporting Velocette with a pedigree stretching back to at least the 1930s. Run as a family concern by the Goodmans, who designed, manufactured and rode the bikes, they created a fascinating technical evolution which is fully described and illustrated. Models covered include: MSS 1954-1970; Viper 1955-1968; Venom 1955-1970; MSS Scrambler 1953-1964; Venom Clubman 1960-1970; Viper Clubman 1960-1968; Viper Special 1962-1965; Venom Special 1962-1965; and Venom Thruxton 1965-1970. The standard work on Velocette, now updated and. A comprehensive chronicle & technical analysis of Velocette motorcycle development from MSS tourer to Thruxton racer between 1954-1970. 2nd ed. Hardcover - 9-3/4" x 8-1/4" - 160 pp - 32 color, 270 b/w


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Velocette: Production Motorcycles
by Mick Walker

Velocette is one of the most respected names in the history of the motorcycle. Though not as numerous or as successful, as some machines, the motorbikes produced by the Veloce company in Birmingham command a special respect and an extremely loyal following, and machines such as the KTT and Thruxton are among the most desirable classic bikes you can buy today. In this book motorcycle historian, Mick Walker, chronicles the history of the Veloce company and the bikes they produced between 1905 and the winding up of the company in 1971.

Format: Hardbound
Pages: 216
Length: 7.44w x 9.69h

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214-9885  Velocette Since 1950: The Big Singles
By Steve Wilson

Velocette is one of the legendary British motorcycle manufacturers. In their day few other machines of the period could go as fast for as long, or handle as well as a big Velocette single. It is a Velocette that holds the distinction of being the first bike to achieve 100 mph for 24 hours. This book provides detailed information on all of the large singles produced and how they changed over the years. It also gives a comprehensive description of the history of the company from 1950 until final closure in 1970. This is a fascinating and definitive account of Velocette which will interest all those who love old British bikes and one which no Velocette owner should be without.

Velocette Since 1950: The Big Singles is reprinted, with permission, from an earlier work by Steve Wilson, British Motorcycles since 1950 first published in 1992 by Patrick Stephens Ltd an imprint of Haynes Publishing Company, and now out of print. Steve Wilson is the author of British Motor Cycles since 1950, a six volume survey of British Motorcycles and also many other titles about classic bikes and the pleasure to be had from riding them. Steve is a full time journalist writing about classic bikes and cars and has a regular column in Real Classics. When he is not writing about classic bikes he is most likely to be found riding one of his BSAs.

Softcover, 270 x 210 mm, 63 pages, 67 illustrations and tables