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About Vincent Motorcycles
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Original Vincent Motorcycle: The Restorer's Guide to postwar singles and twins by J. P. Bickerstaff
No other British motorcycle matches the style, performance or engineering ingenuity of the Vincent. This book concentrates on the post-1945 1000cc B, C and D Rapides, the Black Shadow, Black Knight and Black Prince, and the 500cc Meteor and Comet singles. There is also information on the special-order Grey Flash and Black Lightning racing models.

Format: Hardbound
Pages: 128
Length: 8.75 x 11.5



The Vincent in the Barn: Great Stories of Motorcycle Archaeology by Tom Cotter
It's every motorcyclist's dream. A friend or acquaintance says, "You know, there's an old bike thats been sitting in this garage for years." The hunt is on. And rather than the usual worthless Hondazukimaha pile of hopeless oxidation, at the back of that barn you find a genuine classic, the motorcycle collector's dream. The Vincent in the Barn tells forty such stories—tales of motorcycle hunting dreams come true. From Ducatis in basements to Vincents abandoned in sheds, Harleys in barns to Brit bikes moldering behind urban garages, these are the stories that fuel every motorcyclist's fantasies. The only difference? They're true.  Hardbound,
256 pgs,
6 x 9



Vincent Motorcycles by David Wright
From its creation in 1928 to its demise thirty years later, Vincent produced motorcycles that were among the very best. Names like Black Shadow, Rapide and Black Lightning are bywords for good looks, good engineering and exceptional performance. 
This detailed history examines the company from its roots at the beginning of the Twentieth century and explores the design and production of each one of the Stevenage firms models. Complete with detailed specifications, archive illustrations and specially-commissioned color photography, this book is a fitting tribute to one of the gems of the late British Motorcycle Industry. Hardbound,
200 pgs, 7.5w x 9.5h



Vincent Motorcycles by P. Richardson
Subtitled: A Practical Guide Covering All Vincent and Vincent H.R.D. Models From 1935. Valuable information on every aspect of your Vincent, including front end, drive and clutch, gearbox, fuel system, ignition, racing specs, sidecars and accessories. Detailed appendices. Rev. 3rd ed. Sftbd., 5 3/4x 8 1/4, 205 pgs., 15 b&w ill., 87 color.



Vincent 1945-1980 Gold Portfolio by R.M. Clarke
Reprinted articles from major automotive magazines deal specifically with your favorite Vincent models. Filled with road tests, specs, driving impressions, articles on model introductions, history, and tuning. Models covered include: Firefly, Egli-Vincent, NorVin, Comet, Meteor, Rapide, Grey Flash, Black Shadow, Black Prince and Black Lightning. Sftbd., 8x 10 3/4, approx. 175 pgs., 300 b&w ill.