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Carrillo Conrods

Building A Hotrod Brit Bike?

Fatigue is the major cause of connecting rod failure. Carrillo Rods utilize a proprietary chromium / nickel / vanadium / molybdenum alloy steel and are manufactured and forged to custom specifications to meet Carrillo's stringent requirements for strength and durability.

Carrillo H-Beam Chrome Moly Steel Rods are designed with the serious racer in mind. Each rod is balanced and shot peened to achieve the ultimate in strength and fatigue properties and to endure even the most challenging conditions during high-performance competition.

The PRO H-Beam rod is the strongest connecting rod money can buy. No stronger rod is available anywhere at any price. It features a unique design that requires more machining operations than other designs. This design provides a rod that is not only stronger, but is up to fifty grams lighter than the inferior OEM rods it is replacing. However, the crown jewels are the Carrillo exclusive SPS Multiphase rod bolts.

These are the world's strongest rod bolts!! Under normal operation and service, SPS Multiphase bolts should last indefinitely. They have been tested to over 100 torque cycles without any fatigue loss. The combination of the rod design and the Multiphase bolt is the reason that the PRO H-Beams are the world's best rods.

The best insurance you can have for a bulletproof engine is the best rods in the world: US-Made Carrillo steel rods - light, strong and rigid. Don't take chances, call British Cycle Supply for Carrillo conrods for all British bikes. Any non-stocked Carrillo rods can be suppled on special order.

The Carrillo connecting rod is a precision, high strength, quality connecting rod, which when properly installed and maintained, will perform faultlessly in today's racing and high performance engines.

The Carrillo conrods supplied by BCS:

NM50023/A        Conrods,    CARRILLO, Norton 500/600 Twins        PAIR
06-4896/A        Conrods,    CARRILLO, Norton Twins                PAIR
41-0549/A        Conrod,     CARRILLO, BSA B44                     EACH
65-1836/A        Conrod,     CARRILLO, DBD, ETC, High Performance  EACH
67-1205/1206/A   Conrods,    CARRILLO, BSA A10                     PAIR
67-1203/B        Conrods,    CARRILLO, BSA A10, Early              PAIR
70-9525/B        Conrods,    CARRILLO, Triumph 650, Late           PAIR
70-9740/B        Conrod set, CARRILLO, 3cyl, BSA/Triumph           SET
70-9915/A        Conrods,    CARRILLO, T100, B25, T25 Late Style   PAIR
71-1105/1106/B   Conrods,    CARRILLO, BSA A50/A65                 PAIR
71-1635/A        Conrod,     CARRILLO, B50                         EACH
71-3006/A        Conrods,    CARRILLO, Triumph T140/TR7            PAIR
71-7339/A        Conrods,    CARRILLO, Triumph TSS 8 Valve         PAIR