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Champion Spark Plug Caps

345-10 Series

Part #    Description
345-10    Spark Plug Cap, Soft, Universal
345-10/A  Spark Plug Cap, Soft, Triumph & Norton    CHAMPION
345-10/B  Spark Plug Cap, Bakelite, Resistor Type   CHAMPION
345-10/C  Spark Plug Cap, Soft, BSA                 CHAMPION
345-10/D  Spark Plug Cap, Bakelite, Non-Resistor    CHAMPION
345-10/F  Spark Plug Cap, Bakelite, Non-Resistor
345-10/G  Spark Plug Cap, Resistor Type, NGK Style, 90 Degree

345-10/E  Bakelite Terminal

#345-10 - Soft, Universal


#345-10/A - Soft, Triumph & Norton

#345-10/B - Bakelite, Resistor


#345-10/C - Soft, BSA

#345-10/D - Bakelite, Non-Resistor


#345-10/F - Bakelite, Non-Resistor

#345-10/E - Bakelite Terminal

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