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Get the Old School Chopper look from your stock frame by installing one of these mild steel custom hardtails! We stock raw metal hardtail and plunger sections for a variety of applications. Plunger sections come with chrome springs and axle carriers. Please call to check current price and availability, as production is limited on some items. 

544-11 Hardtail, Bolton, 63-70 T120 & T150
Note: Width between axle carriers is 7-5/8" - 7-3/4".

544-14 Hardtail, Bolton, 59 On Triumph 500
Note: Width between axle carriers is 7-5/8" - 7-3/4".

544-15 Hardtail, Weldon, Pre 71 BSA

Manufacturer's comments: The BSA hardtail section is a weldon. This means that there is a considerable amount of work and ability required to install the hardtail section correctly. The interesting thing about the BSA hardtail section is that being a weldon it is relatively easy to set the axle at any height you chose. I use the same axle height as the rigid frame and set up the hardtail section to match. It's largely a matter of looks. By mounting the section extending the backbone will work, but will also make the frame long at the back. Shortening the lower tubes is another good way to mount the hardtail section. This will bring the hardtail forward toward the motor, and since the hardtail section is slightly longer than the stock swingarm to begin with, there is lots of adjustment length in the lower tubes.

List Of Custom Hardtail And Plunger Sections

544-11 hardtail, bolton, 63-70 Triumph 650 & T150
544-13 hardtail, weldon, oil-in-frame
544-14 hardtail, bolton, 59-on Triumph 500
544-15 hardtail, weldon, pre 71 BSA
544-5517 plunger, bolton, 63-70 Triumph 650 & T150
544-5519 plunger, bolton, unit Triumph 500

Extended brake rods also available!

If you are in search of a custom or chopper part and can't find what you are looking for, give us a call to discuss your needs. We have a wide variety of sources and are always searching for new parts.

Please bear in mind that all tail sections and frames we sell for British bikes are manufactured with some offset to reflect the run of the rear chain, and thus are not intended to be symmetric. In addition, due to slight warpage caused by cooling after manufacture, long storage, and shipping, it is not unheard of for frames or tail sections to require some slight alignment during assembly of the motorcycle. As all of these items are made of mild steel which is quite malleable, this should not be much trouble to affect, and does not indicate a faulty frame or tail section, just normal manufacturing tolerances for this type of product.

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