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Cycle Shack pipes are no longer available, but we have custom pipes from other manufacturers (CLICK HERE)

US Made Cycle Shack 
Custom Exhaust Pipes 
For Classic Triumph Motorcycles
(These pipes fit directly to all preunit Triumph 500 or 650 twins, and all unit 650/750 twins with exhaust spigots. To use on 650 and 750 twins without exhaust spigots, see 745-01 adaptors.)

1-3/4" Drag Pipes - 721-T68/B

Cycle Shack’s stock profile 1-3/4" drag pipes fit the popular Triumph 650 and are designed to be used with any 1-3/4" ID stock or aftermarket mufflers. They are of equal length, follow the original pipes’ contours, feature show-chrome finish, and exit under the engine outside the frame. 1-3/4" diameter, "clamp-on" type. Used with two of our 743-1134 "P"clamps.

TT Pipes - 724-02

Cycle Shack’s TT pipes exit under the center of the bike and feature show-chrome, equal length pipes. Fits the popular Triumph 650. Designed to be used with aftermarket slip-fit mufflers or silencer inserts 744-134. 1-3/4" diameter, clamp-on type. Used with two 743-1134 "P" clamps.

Side Pipes - 726-01

Cycle Shack’s side pipes for the Triumph 650 feature the cross-over drag pipe style and exit on the right hand side of the bike. They feature show-chrome, straight-cut ends. 1-3/4" diameter, "clamp-on" type. Silencer inserts 7440-134 can be used. Side pipes are adaptable to some BSA twins.

Note: These exhaust pipes have no mufflers and are designed for use in closed course competition or in show competition only. They will exceed any noise standard anywhere and as such are illegal for on-highway use, except when baffles or mufflers are used.

Triumph Reducer Flange (pair) - 745-01

This reducer flange permits our 721-T68/B, 724-02, and 726-01 early-style Triumph 650 pipes (1-3/4") to be used on later model 650 and 750 engines with "push-in " heads. Used with our 71-0216/A finned clamps. 345-02 adapters convert BSA "push-in" ports to take 1-3/4" Triumph exhaust pipes. 745-03 adapters convert late Triumph 500 "push-in" ports to take earlier "clamp-on" 500 exhaust pipes.