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BCS Forward Controls

Part Number 541-41

These Canadian-made heavy-duty forward controls are designed for the unit construction 650 Triumph pre-1971 frames, but are adaptable to other applications, including our custom frames.

541-41/B (black powder coated with alloy accents)
541-41/C (black powder coated with brass accents)

Out of stock! Please ask to be notified when this item is available again.

Our new maker is just working on the new first batch of our 541-41 forward controls, which have been out of stock for ages, since our previous maker ceased production. These are now new and improved, with pricing to be announced soon.

The upgraded ones are made from 1/4" plate instead of the previous 3/16" and the tube is now 0.120" wall DOM instead of 0.085" wall crude tube. Customer can now choose brass or aluminum accents, and the stainless steel linkage rods are fitted with ball joints at each end.

Here are pictures of one all ready to go to the powder coaters.

Installation Instructions

1) Remove front motor mount stud.
2) Install forward control unit.
3) Remove brake arm.
4) Use new brake arm.
5) Connect existing brake rod.
6) Remove shifter arm.
7) Cut and drill shift arm to size.
8) Install and adjust rods to most comfortable position for rider.

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