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British Cycle Supply is proud to be official distributors of the full range of Hayward belt drives, made in England and designed to run in oil. We believe we can fill virtually every British bike requirement. Please discuss your application with a BCS salesperson or your favourite BCS dealer to get the right belt drive for your needs.

Hayward installation instructions are on the "Help" list.

Hayward Belt Drive Kits

465-01/C Belt Drive Kit 
Triumph 650 Unit Twin, Alloy, 25mm, 16 Plate

465-01/D Belt Drive Kit 
Triumph Unit 750 Twin, Alloy, 32mm, 16 Plate

465-02/A Belt Drive Kit
20mm Pre-Unit Triumph, Alloy, Short, 16 Plate

465-03 Belt Drive Kit
25 mm Triumph Unit 500, Alloy, 16 Plate

465-04/A Belt Drive Kit
25mm Pre-Unit Triumph, Alloy, Long, 14 Plate

465-07 Belt Drive Kit
BSA A50/A65, Alloy, 32mm, 16 Plate

465-08 Belt Drive Kit 
BSA C15/B25/B44 etc.

465-09 Belt Drive Kit
Pre 1975 Norton Commando, Alloy, 30mm

465-11 Belt Drive Kit Triumph/BSA Triples, Alloy

465-11/A Belt Drive Kit Triumph/BSA Triples, Iron

465-12 Belt Drive Kit Norton Pre-Commando
Diaphragm Type, 25mm
*Additional parts required for this conversion, please discuss with a BCS salesperson or your favourite BCS dealer.

465-14 Belt Drive Kit BSA A7/A10 Swingarm, 30mm

BCS Part # 465-650-13
BSA A7/10 Dynamo Drive - Belt Drive Kit

Replace the spindly dynamo drivechain on all BSA preunit twins with this excellent drop-in update to toothed beltdrive. No more worry about filling the inner timing cover with grease during your rebuild! These lovely UK made beltdrives are a miniature version of our primary drive kits, and are supplied with a high quality steel reinforced polyurethane belt for long life. Ensure your generator continues to generate - install one of these kits for improved reliability in the classic A7/A10 models.