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Leak Proof Fork Seals

06 & 97 Series


Leak Proof brand fork seals are guaranteed not to leak for as long as you own your bike, as long as they were properly installed. We also offer Pro-Moly seals, which are impregnated with molybdenum for even less sliding friction.

"I need to replace the fork seals in my 75 Trident. The last ones I put in only lasted 24 years so it’s time to do it again." - John from Pennsylvania

Virtually all O.E.M. type fork seals for Post-War Triumph BSA and Norton motorcycles are available from British Cycle Supply - please order using the manufacturer's part numbers.

Installation Instructions [pdf]

Leak Proof Seal Kits available from British Cycle Supply:

06-5483/A - Kit for all Norton Roadholder Forks (also used on late Royal Enfields)
06-5483/B - Pro-Moly
Superseded numbers: 06-7687, B2/616, D3T/616, NM17713

97-1500/A - Kit For all external spring Triumphs (replaces seal H1500) (also all 1969/70 BSAs except Victor)
97-1500/B - Pro-Moly
Superseded numbers: 60-3273, 60-3274, 75-5099

97-4001/A - Kit for 1971 & later Triumph & BSA internal spring forks (w/ washers)
97-4001/B - Pro-Moly (w/ washers)
Superseded numbers: 97-7010, 97-7079

97-4001/A & 97-4001/B come with the heavy duty press fit Retaining Washers - the other kits do not require these or any additional items to properly install. Incidentally, the 97-4001/A seals are so good, Triumph fitted them as factory equipment from 1978 onwards!

#97-1500/A - Kit For all external spring Triumphs

97-4001/A - Kit for 1971 & later Triumph & BSA internal spring forks (w/ washers)