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L679 And L917 Taillight LED Conversion Kits

Part Numbers 391-53973/A, 391-53973/B

Would you like to never worry about having your life depend on a single vulnerable light filament? Would you like brighter taillight and brake light illumination so you can be much more visible on a dark and rainy night?

Avoid the possibility of becoming the hood ornament on a Mack Truck! Replace the original weak tail/brake light bulb with a LED conversion kit designed to fit your taillight, and provide bright visibility without danger of burnout due to vibration or age. Not just an LED bulb, these kits consist of a printed circuit board with multiple Light Emitting Diodes fitted and includes complete installation instructions to upgrade your old light to 21st Century specifications.

Choose the right kit for your build!

391-53973/A - LED CONVERSION FOR L679 & L917, 12V
391-53973/B - LED CONVERSION FOR L679 & L917, 6V and Energy Transfer

>>>> Install Instructions for L917 <<<<

>>>> Install Instructions for L679 <<<<

The 391-53973 kits are the only LED taillight conversions on the market specifically designed for your Brit Bike made from 1966-78 with Positive Earth or 1979-83 with Negative Ground. The uniquely shaped LED Board will fit both the popular 391-53973 (L679) or 391-56513 (L917) Lucas style taillights for a simple "Plug and Play" conversion. Some assembly required. Fits Most Of British Made Motorcycles Made From 1966-1983: Triumph, BSA, Norton, Royal Enfield, Matchless, AJS, etc.

Installs in 30 minutes or less.

LED Board Features

Designed for optimum installation in reproduction "Lucas Style" taillight assemblies.
"Automatic Polarity Circuit" for use with either Positive Earth, Negative Ground, or Energy Transfer Systems (A.C.).
4 White LEDs for the lighting of the license plate.
Screw-type terminal block for ease of wire connections.
Mounting holes and hardware are also ground connections.
Surface-Mounted components on the back-side of the board.
Transient Voltage Suppression to control voltage spikes.
Both Over Current and Short Circuit protection.
Clearance slot to access bottom mounting screw.
Draws only .13 Amps (Low) & .65 Amps (High) @ 12 Volts.

Each Kit Contains The Following Items

Fully illustrated step-by-step installation instructions for both 679 and 917 taillights.
Ultra-bright LED Board designed to operate in low and high intensities using the same LEDs.
12" (18 AWG) Wire Set with 4.5mm "Bullet" connectors pre-installed, compatible with most "Lucas" harnesses.
Corrosion resistance stainless steel and nylon mounting hardware.
Installation takes only 30 minutes or less!!

LED Board Dimensions

4.04" x 2.80" (103mm x 71mm) Approximately
0.063" Thick (1.6mm)

"Hi Mark, Just a line to say tail light fitted and working very well! Much brighter than standard bulb."
 - BCS customer Martyn

"The lights are amazing. I can actually see when driving at night, after 49 years of darkness. Voila!"
 - BCS customer John

Part Numbers 391-53973 & 391-56513 shown for illustrative purposes and are SOLD SEPARATELY.