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Roy Bacon's Restoration Series


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213-6355 Triumph Twin Restoration

By Roy Bacon. The best and most complete guide available for restoring all pre-1972 production twins. Detailed coverage of everything from major renovation to general maintenance including restoration, development, how to recognize parts and improve specs. Essential for every Triumph toolbox. Sftbd., 7 1/4"x 11", 240 pgs, 200 ill.

213-669 BSA Twin Restoration

By Roy Bacon. The only comprehensive guide to the classic BSA twins. This guide is essential to renovating and restoring all post-war models. Also includes development history, general maintenance, how to recognize parts and improve specs. Sftbd., 8"x 10 3/4", 240 pgs, 270 ill.

213-7084 Norton Twin Restoration

By Roy Bacon. A must for all Norton fans and owners. Complete history and renovation information on all Norton twins produced from 1948-1977. Includes detailed chapters on engines, gearboxes, clutches, carbs, frames and parts. also provides original colours, specs, production data and how to improve the bikes. The best source for information and repairs on these classics. Sftbd., 7 3/4"x 10 1/2", 256 pgs, 250 ill.

213-7092 BSA Singles Restoration

By Roy Bacon. Packed with hard-to-find valuable information. An expert details the history of BSA from 1945 to 1973 and covers the nuts and bolts of restoration, maintenance, specs, improvements and finding parts. A must for the BSA enthusiast. Sftbd., 8"x 10 1/2", 320 pgs, 250 ill.

213-7556 Matchless and AJS Restoration

By Roy Bacon. Very often the difference between a Matchless and an AJS was little more than badging and paint work. At other times the differences were absolutely critical. Expert cycle restorer Bacon provides all the needed information needed to tackle any AMC restoration. Rich in anecdotes for the enthusiast. Sftbd., 8"x 10 1/2", 304 pgs, 250 ill.