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Helping keep British Motorcycles on the road for over 30 years - established 1977

In 1998 British Cycle Supply Company was presented the Nova Scotia Export Achievement Award for Innovation in Exporting by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism. Some excerpts from the announcement:

· The universal sport of motorcycling owes a debt to British Cycle Supply Company, one of North America's largest suppliers of components for classic, British-made motorcycles.

· From its main office in Melanson, Nova Scotia and its affiliate in Hackensack, New Jersey, British Cycle Supply exports vintage Triumph, Norton and BSA motorcycle parts and accessories to riders and the trade worldwide.

· As British Cycle vies for the top spot in this unique industry, it has added 5,000 square feet to its Nova Scotia headquarters to accommodate its ever-increasing export markets in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. A new computer system and a new telephone system have also been added.

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